Binders and plasticizers for body

TENAGREEN  is a blend of new generation resin from Lamberti technology which basically focus on the several  topics .

  • Body  riformulations reducing plastic raw materials
  • Efficiency and cost optimization promoting sustainability
  • Green and dry strength enhancement
  • Tile flexibility enhancement
  • No influence on the  body slip rheology
  • Low content of Sulfur and Carbon
  • Low envoironmental impact
  • Low impact on black core

Lamberti offer to the markets a wide range fo products for different specific need .

  • TENAGREEN  N , liquid blend of binders/plasticizers with convenient value for money .
  • TENAGREEN  FL, a taylor made combination of binders and deflocculant getting the target to increase working slip density with a remarkable contribution in  plasticity , in one time.
  • TENAGREEN S , special plasticizers for particular production necessities and for high frit content body.
  • TENAGREEN P , solid binders/plasticizers , when  introduction in the ball mill is specifically requested. 
  • TENAGREEN WW  , binders / plasticizers designed to sanitaryware , tableware and technical ceramics; t permits to noticeably reduce defect and rejected pieces.