Medium for microgrits

GRITMED series is a family of additives specifically studied for the application of microgrits on the tiles surface.

A lot of formulations have been created for every specific need, always satisfying the most important technical requests and properties:

  • Excellent fluidity, suspension ability and stability.
  • Excellent binding power.   
  • Excellent levelling effect.
  • High compatibility with the digital decoration.
  • Low environmental impact with significant reduction of odorous substances.

According to the commercial target and production typology, microgrits can be applied either  by DRY METHOD  or WET METHOD .

GRITMED  fills all the requests when the liquid  blend has to be applied (WET METHOD )  mixing together microgrits , GRITMED and water.
It’s successful also  in the DRY METHOD  when it‘s  spraied  on the tile and the grits , applied later without water,  can anchore to the surface.

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