Solvents and mediums for ceramic digital developments

PRINTOJET ® series are solvent / media designed for a wide range of ceramic technological application ,  among them  piezoelettric printing heads and digital application of water based engobes and glazes.

For the inkjet printing developments, the selection  of medium solvent  (Printojet ) must be taken according to the hyper-dispersant (Fluijet) involved;  They have to be compatible in order to achieve a high level of steric stabilization , key factor for stable inks, thus a stable production yeld.

PRINTOJET ® series is used to grind organic and inorganic stains/pigments to sub micron particle size, in ceramic inks formulation with resins or resin free.

About the digital glazing , Lamberti has developed PRINTOJET® S  series , tailor made formulation added to the glaze , either in the ball mill or after its discharge.  

PRINTOJET® S , when properly selected , give the glaze droplets the right technological properties to ensure a high quality glaze surface .

The main parameters at play, are machine pressure, glaze rheology and glaze droplets surface tension; so control them means control the production quality and yeld.

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