Dispersing agents

REOTAN® is our well known polyacrylate derivative introduced to the ceramic market in 1972 by our company.

REOTAN® FLUX  are tailor-made deflocculant blends for body slips for tiles and body slips for whiteware. Both products are strong deflocculant/dispersant active even at very low percentage.
They are  suitable for the treatment of many ceramic suspensions such as slips to be sprayed and engobes.

REOTAN®   and REOTAN®FLUX permit to  control the slip  tixotrophy and yield point and,as a consequence, the sieving time orten becomes shorter.

Moreover, by adding these fluidizers ,  it’s possible to reduce the amount of milling water (increasing working density) maintaining a stable  viscosity. This leads to a remarkable productivity step up.