Binders and plasticizers for body, inspired by trees

When a tree is hit by the wind, it won't break thanks to its flexibility. Through evolution, its fibers developed specific properties to enable it to bend and resist most storms.
Learning from nature, we engineered chemicals that can increase the flexibility of tiles.


Ceramic tile slabs

Ceramic tile slabs are the highest level of technology in the ceramic tile field.
Over the past decade, Lamberti has been involved in numerous projects in collaboration with OEMs and tile manufacturers, aimed at enhancing and developing ceramic slab production. Lamberti has developed a line of chemicals dedicated to this kind of technology.
Tiles and ceramic slabs cannot be produced without chemicals, which also play a crucial role in improving quality and reducing production costs.
Ceramic slabs, or big-size tiles, are commonly used for a variety of architectural and decorative purposes, such as flooring, wall cladding, and countertops. Ceramic slabs come in a wide range of sizes, colors, textures, and patterns, making them a versatile choice for both interior and exterior applications. The production process for ceramic slabs and big-size tiles involves the use of chemicals in different stages.



TENAGREEN  is a blend of new generation resin from Lamberti technology which basically focus on the several  topics .

  • Body  riformulations reducing plastic raw materials
  • Efficiency and cost optimization promoting sustainability
  • Green and dry strength enhancement
  • Tile flexibility enhancement
  • No influence on the  body slip rheology
  • Low content of Sulfur and Carbon
  • Low envoironmental impact
  • Low impact on black core

Lamberti offer to the markets a wide range fo products for different specific need .

  • TENAGREEN  N , liquid blend of binders/plasticizers with convenient value for money .
  • TENAGREEN  FL, a taylor made combination of binders and deflocculant getting the target to increase working slip density with a remarkable contribution in  plasticity , in one time.
  • TENAGREEN S , special plasticizers for particular production necessities and for high frit content body.
  • TENAGREEN P , solid binders/plasticizers , when  introduction in the ball mill is specifically requested. 
  • TENAGREEN WW  , binders / plasticizers designed to sanitaryware , tableware and technical ceramics; t permits to noticeably reduce defect and rejected pieces.