Surface tension controller and levelling agents

 Surface Tension is a recurring scientific theme in Nature. Plants foraging for water and nourishment, which is not equally distributed through the soil, have evolved specific chemicals to reduce the surface tension of water and better absorb nutrients through their roots. 
We applied the same principle to ceramic glazes.


TENSIOJET  series is a family of surfactants  for surface tension adjustments , levelling action of glazes , antifoam action and anti hydro repellency.

Since when the glazing lines have been equipped with digital machines, many problems of incompatibility between waterborne glazes and solvent borne printing inks started occurring. Then, TENSIOJET has started being more popular and started being the answer to many technical question.

  • TENSIOJET L are specifically  used to surface tension adjustments and glaze levelling quality while
  • TENSIOJET A are designed for foam reduction in the ceramic glazes.
  • TENSIOJET B   are a new group of multipurpose additives : they combine  the surfactant action and the binder ones.  Currently the range counts of 5 Tensiojet B  each of them created to solve a specific function.

Tensiojet B

Tensiojet B series gives several advantages with a view to the optimization and digitization of the glazing line, specifically they act in:

  •  Helping the glaze process in time saving
  •  Bringing to optimization of additives
  •  Reducing human mistake rate
  •  Giving several options in solving technical problems
  •  Promoting a synergic action of different properties
  •  Gather the attention on the new ceramic technologies and features