Natural polymer based specialties for Whiteware glazes

TIXOLAM series  are rheological additives in powder for ceramic galzes.

Its  blend of natural polymers and inorganic compounds make it suitable to meet Sanitaryware  glazing requirements :

  • Short grinding  time
  • No settling to avoid glaze sedimentation
  • Long shelf life of glaze slips
  • Rheological behavious suitable for the application on vertical sloping surfaces
  • Short drying time , compatible with high speed ‘’robot ‘’ glazing system
  • Good binding action avoiding crawling cracks and other defects

Tixolam can be used also for all ceramic items  which are vertically glazed (klinker, insulators, large items etc ).

Tixolam can be designed as tailor made product for each need , exploiting the experience and presence of Lamberti on the Whiteware sector since decads, matching the suitable thixotropy,  viscosity and drying time, among the most important working parameters .

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