The ceramics division and the district's proximity 

Focus on young people

Focus on young people

Lamberti Group’s Fiorano plant is immersed in the ceramics district and is completely dedicated to it, including a production unit and the main divisional technological center. Simone Tassi, our Director of the Ceramics Division, said that living in a manufacturing district brings out the link with the territory in a natural and strong way. We wanted to address this through cooperation with PGS Smile support which wants to continue on an ongoing basis also in the future.

PGS Smile A.S.D. Formigine is a free and apolitical non-profit association set up with the specific purpose of promoting and spreading the practice of sports at an amateur level, engaging in the development of volunteering. The activity is mainly aimed at children and young people, and sets objectives of aggregation and growth at an individual and group level, as a response to the emerging needs of the territory.

Giuseppe Bandieri, a member of the board of directors of PGS Smile of Formigine, stated: "The 2022-2023 season sees strong growth in participation in all disciplines. Sport, if lived well, is just this: a path that helps us face life, bringing out, with sacrifices and sweat, the best of ourselves for the good of the whole team. This is the sport we believe in, where educational purposes take priority over sporting ones because what matters to us is the complete growth of the girls/boys from a physical, human and spiritual point of view."