Oleochemicals: surfactants and fatty materials 

The experimental approach and the expertise in oleochemicals of our R&D lab in Albizzate and of our TCC (Technological Ceramic Center) allow us to develop and constantly innovate our technologies in the ceramic digital inks formulation and digital decoration.

Our solutions for most innovative applications

Our solutions for most innovative applications

As digital inks require different performance according to the specific market destination (tile, glass and tableware), our portfolio includes a wide range of  products. We have developed a range of solvent such as PRINTOJET® and of hyperdispersing agents such as FLUIJET®.

TENSIOJET B series is a product family whose application is known as “multifunctional additives for digital inks'. They have several functions in glazing and decoration for many ceramic applications: antifoam, anti hydro repellent, wetting agent and lubricants.

TENSIOL and DEFOMEX are surfactants that could be used as wetting agents or defoamers to improve glaze application. Surfactants are the main component of ECOFIX and ECOLIGHTER used for decoration and inspection.

Fatty materials are important part of demoulding agents for the production of plaster moulds in ceramic sectors having a casting process. For this purpose, our portfolio includes DEMOLAM product family.