Waterborne synthetic polymers: acrylics and polyurethanes 

Our waterborne synthetic polymers portfolio includes a broad variety of acrylics and polyurethanes, designed to provide accurate technical solutions to our customers. Developing this technology, we have always been looking for the solutions to obtain the best rheology for each ceramic slips.

Our solutions for the most technical applications

Our solutions for the most technical applications

Polyacrylates are one of the most effective fluidizers/deflocculants for the preparation of  bodies, glazes and engobes. Reotan® (pure polyacrilates) and Reotan® Flux (formulated polyacrilate) are our solutions based on this technology.

Recently, we have developed Tenagreen, a new product family of strong binder/plasticizers for ceramic bodies.

Resicel and Viscolam are two product families of synthetic polymers used as liquid binders and rheology modifiers for glazes.

Esacote PL001 is a polyurethane used as a film to protect the surface of the final product.