Traditional Glazing and Printing Solutions 

We have developed a wide range of products for the traditional glazing line.

Lamberti has developed a wide range of products supporting the glazing lines.

Thanks to years of experience and a deep know-how in ceramic applications, we offer a complete set of additives that ensure high functional and aesthetic characteristics of surfaces.

We offer CMC , CARBOCEL®. , for the milling operation , important components of ceramic glazing process, as their temporary  consolidation effect , before firing, helps production stability. The possibility to select various grade of purity and viscosity is the strategy for fitting  the market needs.

When necessary, an efficient deflocculant , REOTAN®. , can be implemented , optimizing the working parameters.

TENSIOJET are surfactants to be used according  to the need ; antifoam reduction , glaze levelling and/or glaze spreadability

TENSIOJET B series are multifunctional additives to give the glaze,  at one time ,  benefits coming from surfactant content and binder ones.

To get some aesthetic targets , often the ceramic producers apply micro grits on the tile , that will optimize the final effect after firing .These microgrits can be apply in different ways and GRITMED , is the liquid levelling and anti settling agent designed to reach the target.